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Alexandra Navrotsky was employed as Technical Advisor and Distinguished Fellow of SATT
View:704 Apr 26, 2018  

On March 15th, 2018, the conference of employing Alexandra Navrotsky, academician of the American Academy of Sciences, as technical advisor and distinguished fellow of SATT was held in the No.1 training room at the SATT headquarter. The conference was presided by Mao Haibo, the general manager of SATT.

At first, Mr. Mao Haibao has given a brief introduction of Alexandra Navrotsky’s resume. Then Alexandra Navrotsky was issued the letter of appointment for the position of technical advisor and distinguished fellow of SATT. Alexandra Navrotsky has given a lecture named “A Career in Thermodynamics , Geochemitry and materials science” at last.

Under the guidance of professor Navrotsky ,and based on her influence power in American science and technology circles, SATT will establish cooperative relationship with overseas high-level R&D team, and conduct R & D cooperation in a variety of ways to continuously enhance SATT's technological innovation capability and level.

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