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SATT Mining Equipment Plant
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SATT Mining Equipment Plant, a subsidiary of SATT, located at Ma’anshan, with convenient transport which is only 45km from NKG (Nanjing LuKou Airport) and near to Shanghai Port.

It is the domestic pioneer of separator manufacturer since 1969. After half century development, it has became a comprehensive mining equipment supplier combined research, design, production, commissioning, training and other services, and the business including separator, filter, HPGR and tower mill.

With the team lead by 6 professional talented experts enjoying special allowance of the State Council, SATT dedicated to innovation of mining equipment, we hold more than 20 patents, additionally, the HPGR and permanent drum type separator are awarded Provincial Famous Brand.

We cooperated with many famous mainland iron & steel corporations, such as Bao Steel, Angang Steel, WISCO and Ma Steel. We exported to India, Chile, South Africa, Indonesia, South Korea etc.

If you need sample analysis, iron separation, process design, and equipment recommendation, PLEASE CONTACT US.


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