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Sinosteel Tianyuan (Maanshan) Tongli Magnetic Material Co.,Ltd
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SATT Tongli Magnetic Material Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of SATT, located in Ma’anshan, with convenient transport which is only 45km from NKG (Nanjing LuKou Airport) and near to Shanghai Port.

With advanced equipments, especially one set of 40 meter automatic roller kiln, two sets of 250 ton automatic pressing machine, three sets of 3 ton ball mill, we are capable of producing 10,000 ton of ferrite magnet with 8 production lines.

Depending on SATT R&D Center, SATT Tongli offers mass produced equivalent to TDK FB5, FB6 and FB9 magnets. In recent years, we succeed in entering field of brushless frequency motor used in frequency washing machine motor and compressor motor of washer and refrigerator, and automobile motors especially EPS, starter motor.

As one of the top five manufacturer of ferrite magnet in China, we offer various types of high quality magnets including customized products in accordance with customer requirements on remanence ratio, coercive force, appearance and size.



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