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SATT R&D Center
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SATT R&D Center which has chemical analysis lab, magnetic performance testing lab, crushing lab, high temperature lab, spectrum analysis lab, and beneficiation lab was established in 2004.

The Center employed many high-end instruments including X-ray fluorescence analyzer, X-ray diffractometer, the atomic absorption spectrophotometer, magnetic characteristics automatic measuring instrument, powder comprehensive characteristic tester.

The Center, mainly engaged in new product development, technology improvement, manufacturing technique progress and industrialization related design. We concentrate on the study of high property ferrite magnet, neodymium magnet, motor, separating and crushing system, and gain many achievements including over 30 patents, 6 industry standards, over 40 governmental programs.

The Center is certified as provincial R&D center, entitled as State/Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Magnetic Materials and Application Technology, operates National Post-Doctoral Scientific Research Center and Provincial academician workstation. Besides, we are applying National Key Laboratory.




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