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Grinding, cleaning lines are ready for trial production
View:517 Sep 18, 2015  

    In recent years, In order to meet the growing needs of production and combined with our own development due to the sales rising, Tongli planed increase 14 lines of grinding, cleaning integration automatic production. 2 lines installed in advance have been finished and are ready for trial production.

    Thanks to the new line, we not only make the output increase exponentially, but also significantly reduce labor intensity. Compared with the existing line for 7 operator, now each production line only needs one direct operator which can greatly alleviated the difficult recruitment situation. Meanwhile, the line greatly improves the workshop environment and “5S” management that enhance the company’s image.

    The new grinding, cleaning integrated production line not only makes production scale of Tongli to a new level, but also lay the foundation for the development. 

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