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New product: High performance dry pressure heterosexual multi-pole magnetic ring
View:271 Apr 25, 2017  

At the beginning of 2017, SATT has successfully begun the mass production of high performance dry pressure heterosexual ferrite multi-pole magnetic ring products.

High performance dry pressure heterosexual multi-pole magnetic ring is mainly used in the manufacture of brushless motor, stepper motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor, supporting the common terminal products such as air conditioning and refrigerator compressors, fans, kinds of micro-pumps, dishwashers, mahjong machines and various types of power tools.

Compared to common ferrite magnet, SATT produced multi-pole magnetic ring has the below obvious advantages. 1, The surface magnetic circuit waveform is sine wave (the waveform of ferrite magnet rotor and stator is generally square wave or saddle wave). It’s more conducive to optimize the motor design.2, The motor with multi-pole magnetic ring is running smoothly, the noise is small, the precision is high, and the cogging effect can be greatly reduced.3, The surface magnetic intensity is 20%~50% higher than ferrite magnet.4, The application of multi-pole magnetic ring is conducive to the automatic production of motor assembly, and high precision of installation, convenient and economical.

The products have been exhibited on CWIEME in March, 2017, and will be exhibited on the 15th International small motor and magnetic materials exhibition held in May,2017, Shenzhen city.

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