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SATT’s TM1800 tower mill has been applied to gold mine
View:676 Jul 18, 2017  

The TM1800-200 tower mill, which is totally researched and designed by SATT, has been installed and operated successfully in Longkou city. The equipment is used for regrinding of gold concentrate before cyanide leaching, it is the first time SATT’s large fine grinding equipment used in gold mine.

SATT’s TM series metal mine tower mill has been applied to nonferrous metal mine and black metal mine, the transmission structure and blade wearable have reached the international advanced level, and have 5 technical patents. The diameter of the TM1800 tower mill installed this time is 1.8m, the height is 9.7m, it is better than ordinary small tower mill in the start, control system, temperature detection, and better than traditional horizontal ball mill in energy saving, noise reduction and product size distribution range.

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